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Anyone here dealing with peripheral neuropathy?

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Is Medical MJ different from the pot that people smoked in the 60's ? It made me so ill – I tried it twice. Peggy

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Hello, Peggy @pfbacon. Yes it is similar but different at the same time. The MJ comes in many forms. In 8/2016, my neurologist started me on CBD caps 3x/day and a THC vape before bedtime for my insane insomnia and many other conditions. Prior to that, I suffered from the effects of 30 diseases (I know it sounds crazy!) and I could not sleep anywhere from 3 days to sometimes 6-7 days in a row.

As a result, for two years I passed out several times a day with injuries. After passing out through a glass table, I ended up at the Mayo Clinic from 8/2016 – 3/2017. At the end, I completed the 120-hour (21 day) Pain Rehabilitation Center (PRC). They are adamantly opposed to ANY form of narcotic for pain and that includes MJ. So I went off it. Since that time, ALL my symptoms have worsened and it has destroyed my finances from medical expenses. THE MJ reduced my pain, anxiety, depression and insomnia.

I give the PRC credit for teaching me to re-train my brain to FUNCTION IN SPITE OF PAIN. They helped me get out of a wheelchair so I can walk with a walker. That is amazing except that it is becoming more and more painful and difficult to walk. Many of my conditions are neurological, untreatable and incurable (peripheral neuropathy, degenerative disk disease, osteoporosis, osteoarthritis, fibromyalgia, tardive akthenesia, neurogenic bladder, Arachnoiditis, migraines, gastroparesis, GERD, and many more.)

The PRC weaned me off Klonzapam (Clonopin) for major anxiety disorder, which I had been on 10 years, and said no one needs it. I am glad they did because it kept me from functioning. My memory and cognitive abilities were greatly impaired. However, it caused all my symptoms to increase to the point that they’re nearly unbearable.

Because of the severity of my symptoms from anxiety which began when I was abused for 11 years as a child, I have advanced Bruxism (grinding/clenching my teeth). The MJ reduced the grinding. Within eight weeks of returning from the PRC on 3/31/17, I broke all 28 teeth. I’ve suffered tremendously since then. Long story short, I paid $15,000 last year to have porcelain implants in my upper gums. I could not afford another $15,000 for porcelain lowers.

In 12/2018, I developed two infections in the upper teeth that the porcelain was attached to and had to have seven of them extracted, including the teeth themselves at a cost of $2,400. If I hadn’t, a third oral surgeon confirmed that I would have developed sepsis and could have died at my age of 65 and being in such poor health.

The remaining teeth are extremely painful and I have lost 6 pounds already because I can only eat soup. I am trying to save another $12,000 to have the the last eight teeth extracted, get two implants so I can wear dentures and an upper porcelain bridge. This is very traumatic and doesn’t help my PTSD or pain.

So I have an appointment with my local neurologist, one of the country’s top authorities on MJ and one of three Florida physicians permitted by the State to prescribe MJ prior to the Amendment to approve it in our state. I INTEND TO GO BACK ON CBD AND MJ.

WARNING: The CBD alone was not enough to bring me relief so I need the THC, also. The PROBLEM WITH MJ is that everyone’s system is sensitive to it and the DOSE AND EFFECTS VARY WIDELY FROM PATIENT TO PATIENT. THERE EXACT DOSE IS DIFFICULT TO DETERMINE, SO START AT A LIW DOSE and work up if necessary.

When I was using the MJ Vape, the prescription was to inhale for three seconds, 15 times prior to bedtime. I repeat, DO NOT START AT THE PRESCRIBED DOSE. It would have blown me away. IT DOES MAKE YOU HIGH LIKE THE POT FROM THE 60s. I know, because I used to smoke it before I learned to deal with the abuse. So I reduced it to seven inhalations. That was still too much for my body, so I reduced it to five. That seemed to be enough to make me very relaxed and able to sleep. I still would NEVER DRIVE after using THC.

I do not like feeling high. I know someone very close to me who had severe problems from being on MJ. Being a recovered alcoholic and drug addict, he enjoyed the high and insisted on inhaling and/or ingesting the prescribed dose. It made him a zombie and put him in a very dangerous situation of possibly driving under the influence and being arrested, injuring or killing himself ir others or being able to function. His eyes were always bloodshot, he slurred and rambled when he spoke and he staggered when he walked. It took over a year of family and friends trying to convince him to reduce or stop the MJ. SO IF YOU CHOOSE TO USE MJ, USE EXTREME CAUTION. It can be very helpful, but you NEED AN ACCOUNTABILITY PERSON in your life so that if you cannot see how it is affecting you, they can. You must listen to them if they tell you that it is too much for you!

I trust my husband and daughter to be honest with me. And because of my drug and alcohol background which was many decades ago, I have enough common sense to see for myself if it is beyond what is reasonable or safe. Do not be afraid to try it, but please be cautious. And to be honest with your doctor who prescribed it. If you feel that it is too much, there are always different methods, strains and doses that she/he can prescribe.

I hope this information helps you. Good luck to you and God bless you.

Peggy @peggyella

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