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Anyone here dealing with peripheral neuropathy?

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@danm I too find that I tend to be pretty good until late afternoon when the pain in my legs, around my knees and in my thighs becomes really intense. I've been taking 400 mg or Gabapentin 3 times a day, and usually take 100 mg of Tramadol when the leg pain starts. The pain continues well into the night, but I've found some relief by lying in bed or sitting up in bed reading or watching movies on my iPad, with a heating pad on my legs and more Tramadol. It seems to be important to have the legs straight. Whatever works!!!

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I have been told by many Medical people that the pain is almost always worst when the sun goes down and late at night. Not sure why, same reason reseach shows that people diem have more pain and more babies are born in the late hours of the day. I am currently on 88mg gabapenten with 50 mg of tramadol every 6 hrs and to stay out of extreme pain in my feet calves and hands I have to keep this schedule. I have tried to make it longer in between but pay for later. I try to go longer because the gabapenten keeps geeting more expensive and now tramadol is considered an antioid…I wonder if any of these people have to deal with pain? I thnk no…it is all about politics…I started out with 200mg of gaba +tram and have advanced to this larger dosage. I pray every day and research all I can for an answer…if you find one PLEASE tell me?
Peace & Hope always…JJ

@steeldove – I am so sorry for all the people, and their pain, I read about here. I do agree that for some of us the pain gets worse in the evening and night and that sticking to a schedule of meds helps… and the heating pad. Yesterday I made the mistake of having an MRI in late afternoon – should have taken the meds before – you can't lie still for an MRI of your lower back when the restless leg gets going. I love what @mlmcg says – "May your tomorrows be better than your todays".