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Anyone here dealing with peripheral neuropathy?

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Hi @clayhere -- I'm sure it's frustrating for you that you can't get any answers. Did the Mayo neurologist provide any diagnosis?

I'm also tagging a member who has shared a lot of great information on different treatments to see if they can offer any suggestions.
Chris @artscaping do you have any suggestions for @clayhere ?


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The Doctors are unable to come up with a diagnosis. I have constant pressure and pain in the center of my chest. It gets worse with activity. I have sharp stabbing pain that runs down both arms. Tingling and numbness in my arms and tingling in my legs and feet.Now my fingers are hurting real bad when I try to grip any thing. I have had a bad pain between my shoulder blades for several yrs along with miner chest pain then one day it hit me hard in my chest. I passed every test with no problems. Then 2 days later I was in the ER thinking I was having a heart attack. They did a heart cath and found a blockage 95%. Had two stents put in. Cardiologist was baffled as to why it didnt show up on stress test. That was on a Tuesday I went home on Wednesday chest pain was back on Thursday the following Monday I was back at his office with same symptoms. More test and xrays, CT scans blood work nothing. I have had two endoscopy's, esophagus test, not counting all the testing at Mayo clinic. My symptoms will not go away. You can count on your one hand how many days I have had a good day.

@clayhere, @johnbishop, @jenniferhunter Good afternoon. I am going to try to give you some food for thought about similar issues that I have had, have resolved, or just plain have to deal with every day. I am including @jenniferhunter because her last post is relevant and helpful. When you spoke about the "straight jacket" around your rib cage, my memory kicked in. I also have a John Barnes trained Expert level Myofascial Release Therapist. You can go online and see how the fascia covers every organ in our body. Whether from tension and anxiety or by virtue of an accidental injury, the fascia can tighten and become very painful. My diagnosis was chronic myofascial pain syndrome. The very slow, gentle massage (MFR) attempts to push the pain out by getting rid of tightness. It can be a straight jacket in the chest area, bands of tingling pain around the head, burning feelings around the abdomen or what feels like the heart in the chest cavity. Sometimes one fascia layer will be released only to find a second layer underneath that may have been causing the discomfort. Many therapists may say they do MFR (myofascal realese) but really have not had the training. So...there is a directory for you at this link (https://www.myofascialrelease.com/find-a-therapist/). Sometimes I can feel the tightness in my ribcage or knee and work on an area myself. If you have a companion living with you, he or she may also be able to provide some immediate assistance. Recently, I have been concerned about increased numbness in my feet accompanied by a change of color in my feet and toes to a blue/purple. I had also become more unsteady on those feet and began to worry about losing my driver's license, resorting to a wheel chair, etc. So....yesterday, my MFR therapist worked on my feet. I could even feel the energy going up one leg and over to the other. To "net it out" for you, I came home and walked across the carpet...and felt the loops of fiber for the first time in a long while. And the purple feet are now flesh colored. I don't know how long lasting this treatment will be....I just know it worked and relieved my anxiety that was start to make my head and body tighten up. Hot showers, heating elements and meditation also work for me. A gentle series of yoga poses for strengthing the body works and must become a daily routine. Once a week just doesn't cut it. Making sure your body is in alignment every day is important. I recently discovered that the myofascial pain in my knee was sent there by my hip which was ensconced in a chair that did not have lumbar support. My therapist found the triggers in my lower spine and told me to change my chair or get a lumbar support pillow. That was three weeks ago and I have not had a reoccurrence. So...that's enough for today...you can go to my posts and read about my adoption of Medical Marijuana as my only pain control substance. Keep trying, keep asking and keep letting us know of your progress. Best wishes. This "group" is my truly best friend on this journey. Chris