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Anyone here dealing with peripheral neuropathy?

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Hello @suzylulu @ujeeniack and @timmckinney — As others have mentioned here we are all different and what works for some may or may not work for others. I too have difficulty walking with my peripheral neuropathy even though I only have the numbness and tingling associated with my neuropathy and have no pain like most of you have. I have no medical training or background but from my research and discussion with my neurologist, the drugs are only for the pain and have zero affect for numbness. Both of my legs are affected. Comfortable shoes that have some support help with the walking but even with this I can't walk more than a few blocks at a time. I do think it's important to keep trying and keep working on strengthening your legs. I have a recumbent exercise bike that I ride for 30 minutes when I first get up in the morning (most mornings).

I have had PN for more than 20 years. It started in the toes like most of you and over the years it gradually worked it's way up to just below the knees. I take over the counter supplements I found through a closed Facebook group – Solutions to Peripheral Neuropathy Pain & Discomfort. They also have a website and have 501c3 status – http://solutions2pnpd.com/. I have been taking them since Sept 2016. By December 2016 the numbness went from just below the knees to just above the ankles and I've made no progress since then…but it's a win for me because it hasn't gotten any worse like my neurologist said it would so I continue to take the supplements. The group is over 7,000+ and many have successfully gotten off of all drugs and no longer have the associated pain with PN. If I can make one important point is that each of us should do our own research as well as be our own advocate when it comes to our health. There are a lot of products, companies, groups, etc. out there that are making money selling us stuff that may or may not help.

Quazar's guidance about avoiding scams and snake oil cures

FDA's Health Fraud Page

NIH's National Center for Complementary and Integrative Health (NCCIH) which offers guidance about integrative health and how to evaluate it.

I also think nutrition plays a big part in the cellular health of our bodies so I try to stay away from all processed foods but I'm not perfect with it. I also try to buy organic when possible and eat a lot less red meat than I used to eat. I've also found that I can't do a lot of things I used to be able to do so I try to live within my limitations and find other things that I like doing.

Hoping you all find a solution that works for you.


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I just saw an interesting article from the Foundation of Peripheral Neuropathy email I received that I thought I would share here:

Walk Away from Nerve Pain – Neuropathy, a common complication of diabetes, was once thought to be untreatable. Today, a variety of treatments and strategies are available to ease the discomfort.

More new research:
Molecule May Be Key to Pain Relief in Diabetic Neuropathy


I’m really happy that you share your knowledge so willingly with all of us thank you

Thank you @prudence. I think this is what makes Connect a great place to share and ask questions. We all learn from each other.

Hello everyone. I have had burning, stinging pain in my left foot and lower leg for 10 years caused by lumbar stenosis. I have tried many medications and have had 2 back surgeries. For me, 400 mg of Gabapentin helps along with an OTC cream by Magnilife that I apply to my foot and lower leg. I recently am trying a HEMP oil CBD extract the a couple of friends use. I think it is also helping. I still have my leg strength but if I walk to far the pain get worse. I also focus on other hobbies and interests to keep my mind off the pain as well as elevating my leg. I hope this helps.