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Squamous cell carcinoma (SCC) P16+

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Hello @midiwiz and welcome to our group. I take it you would rather be in Philadelphia than have to face what is down the road ahead. If you don't have an online portal with your doctor(s) try to get one so you can read and re-read the doctor's reports (SOAP's). Take notes and learn what you can about how you are going to proceed. Also make sure your radiologist and surgeon is well versed in head and neck cancer, not just cancer. If they have no experience in head and neck then my advice would be to seek out a second opinion and staff. Try not to get overwhelmed. Take this one step at a time. You are going to have to devote most of your time and resources to getting rid of this cancer.
Do you have someone to help you through this? It's not a trip you should make alone. Keep posting as you progress. Lots of help to be found here.

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I was originally refered to Florida Cancer Center... The doctor is supposed to be highly regarded but quite obviously I look at things a bit differently than most. While he says the raditation will get rid of it....then he says port. so that's chemo and radiation. I have reached out to Mayo, still waiting for a call back which unless it's before the ship leaves tomorrow will have to wait another week. I reached out due to reading about using DART on it. I've contacted moffit and MD. however anyone that goes with 'lets cut first then..." is probably not going to get all that far with me.

Yes the trip is with the wife, she's having a hard time obviously dealing with my panic and everything. I'm no where close to a normal patient, fight or flight is my nature. Unfortunately there's nothing they can do for that one.