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Squamous cell carcinoma (SCC) P16+

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I too had a great fear of needles, surgery and doctors. Not so much now. You can do this as I did. Just take it one day at a time. It sounds like with the PET scan they are trying to determine where your tumor is? Short Story. Lump came up on the neck. I was diagnosed with HPV16+ OSCC in March 2023 through a biopsy. ENT Scope found the tumor at base of tongue. I decided to have surgery to remove. I had TORS robotic surgery April 2023. I had a right neck dissection as well with all lymph nodes removed and TORS surgery to remove primary tumor of 3cm at base of tongue. All margins clear. Also, I just completed 30 rounds of Proton Radiation 6 weeks ago. I did tongue, jaw and neck and swallowing exercises daily several times a day( On the way to treatment is a good time). There are tons of videos online. However, If you have a Speech therapist they can help you with this. As of today 6 weeks out of radiation I can still eat and drink. I cannot taste much and I have dry mouth. Acid Reflux. However, I am alive and my latest NavDx blood test showed negative/ non detectable. Overall I feel about 80% energy wise. You can do it!

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they want to see if it traveled anywhere. oh yes the lovely ENT that's going to scope me and get puked on .... I really don't do well in this. the one guy I'm talking to is telling me port + radiation etc. The lump is about 3x4cm... yes I know it's big... he's saying radiation will shrink it and its gone. I'm actually thinking it's my tonsils it started high up right by them, the Dr says no. so who knows.

why remove all the nodes?