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Anyone here dealing with peripheral neuropathy?

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I have peripheral neuropathy in both feet, R foot is the worst and It's getting worse, especially when driving and at night. I have researched this, since the cause is unknown. I had taken statin drugs for over 20 twenty years and it seems there have been many studies done that show a relationship between statins and idiopathic neuropathy. Can't get any answers and I'm trying to stay off a lot of meds that have side effects such as Gabapentin.

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I don't know what you take statins for, but there is a small print warning that they can cause atrophy in your leg muscles. Statins made my leg muscles so weak I could barley get around in a walker. I was taking it for a cholesterol level of 230 almost 2 years on the medicine at different doses the number didn't budge. My friend suggested a natural combo of Alfalfa tablets, ubiqinol & coconut oil & in one month my number dropped to 180. Two years later it's 160 & holding. I was off my walker within two weeks of stopping Statins. Now I have other causes for leg pain including bone cancer & radiation. They grew crocked when I was young so I'm use to pain. Makes me scream sometimes, keeps me up 99% of time, makes me want to get drunk & die at times. I'm a VERY light drinker~one six pack every 18 months, 4 bottles of wine a year…heavy stuff at Christmas. Anyway, I just found something that REALLY helps~ Rolfing. An old form of deep tissue message, specific exercises & physical therapy. Any exercise that light & easy like Sit n Be Fit on Public Broadcast TV, or Miranda Esmond- Whites' Classical Stretch is the BEST! Hydro therapy to cleanse the lymph glands is very important too. Walking moving be patient if it takes 4-5 times to do something-that's okay. Just persevere & be kind & gentle to your self & others. Oh,stretch your calf's out slow & gentle before you lay down & capsaicin ointment on the joints help.

I certainly understand . My brother drank every night to sleep. Can I definately say it was the legs cramps..no but he finally took an overdose of his meds drank and died at night. He had gotten to the point of staying up all night and sleeping all day. I don't want to get there but I am getting desperate. My legs at night are not the legs and feet I have in the daytime. You would never guess how tired and in pain I am, but that too is breaking down and showing.My balance is terrible , I have periods of vertigo, headache and nausea..I'm no doctor but it could be all the fatigue I suppose..afraid to get older still suffering and truly unable to help myself.