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Actually jerrysgirl3 I have thought about allergies and I think that is going to be my next move is to be referred to an allergist. I have entertained all of those things you mentioned above. Wouldn't it be something if all this turned out to be something so "simple" ? What a relief that would be after all the crap I've been thru. Thank you very much for your input!!!!!!
Livin the dream,
Lori L.

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@lori57216 My lupus diagnosis came at the same time my four major food allergies showed up at the age of 68!! I had such severe hives all over my body I could actually line up the bedsheet wrinkles to some of the very long hives! My body was literally constantly buzzing, burning and thinking back on it, I think, already having leukemia and other auto immune medical issues, that they would have taken me out sooner rather than later they were so severe and constant 🥺. I tested, through blood, positive for wheat (including gluten-free wheat -this goes out to the nutritionist in the hospital who told me I could eat gluten free buns which caused hives all over 😡) dairy, egg whites and soy!! I was started on a month dose pack of Medrol steroid, but it was a complete immediate diet change, allergy pills and Gold Bond powder with cornstarch that the hives stopped IMMEDIATELY and have not returned (I'm off of all meds now) unless I inadvertently eat something that was processed in a factory that also processes one of my allergens!! Talk about life changing!! But I also went to an allergist for further scratch skin testing and she not only refused to test me, she told me it was a "coincidence" that my severe hives stopped when I stopped eating the foods I tested allergic to by blood!!! I say go for it! You have nothing to lose.