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Anyone here dealing with peripheral neuropathy?

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NOW, I WOULD LIKE TO KNOW IF ANYONE HAS EVER HAD THE SURGERY FOR PERIPAL NEUROPATHY? And if you have has it worked? I have an appt. May 12th with a doctor for a consult to see if I would be candidate? It might not even work for me since I have foot drop or maybe because it has been to long. Back in Sept. Of 08. I inhaled Carbon Monoxide on my boyfriends boat sitting down in the cabin Indian style fir about a day at least. That is how this horrible journey of neuropathy and foot drop began. Of course years later I found out that my foot drop could have been corrected within the first couple of years that I had it. But my neurologist just told me if it did not come back in a couple of years it would never come back. Told me nothing about these surgeries that were out there. One day I was done research and found out it could be done. I am currently still working with one doc, but I am sure I am way out of the time frame. Thanks to the doc… If anyone knows anything good for chronic pain for neuropathy please let me know. As I said earlier I am on Suboxone after being on opioids for many years. I just ordered some cream called lidocaine from Amazon that I read is good. I have been doing so much research myself… I also read about lidocaine injections.. Has anyone ever heard of that?

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Hello @mikween, I have not heard of a surgery specifically for peripheral neuropathy. I’ve done a lot of research this past year looking for answers myself although I do not have the chronic pain that you have. Do you mean foot drop surgery? Have you thought about getting a second opinion? I’m not a medical professional and have no medical background but I definitely would want a second opinion. Also, I would have a very frank discussion with the doctor about the associated risks and outcomes for a surgery.

Here is a link to a Google Scholar site search for foot drop surgery – http://bit.ly/2pVuJUr that might give you some more information if foot drop surgery is what you are looking at.

Hope you find an answer that works for you…


Does anybody know how to contact her. She posted one time about Foot Drop, Which I am very interested.  I thought that I replied to her the right way but have never heard back from her.  So, again if someone knows how to get in touch with @jewel8888. Please let her know that I have some questions for her.  Thanks

Hi @mikween – She should see your message above because you typed her tag – @jewel8888 which will send her an email that someone tagged her. You can also send a private message by clicking on her username link in your message above and it will take you to her profile. From there you can click the envelope to send her a private email. I think it would be better is you tag her like you did above and ask your questions. That way others will also benefit from any answers or may be able to also provide an answer for you.