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Anyone here dealing with peripheral neuropathy?

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hi, everyone not really sure how this works but I have foot drop and sever neuropathy and have been on heavy pain meds since Sept. of 08 Morp hine 60 mg 4 times per day dialuad 2mg 2 times per day and tramadol. I have been to many pain doctors and my last pain doctor fired me accusing me of using a paper script that I never received. A long story anyway a got a detective involved and he got the picture of the woman that was trying to fill my scripts. So, I went through withdrawals for about a week. It took me a couple of day to figure out why I was so sick. So, I finally found one doctor out of my plan that would take me and he has put me on Suboxone. Has anyone ever heard of that for chronic pain? It is supposed to be for people that have been on Heroin and they give them that drug to help them come down. I was on it for about a month and went back and told him it was not working and please give me some Hydrocodone and he told me the pain would be worse and he was right. So, now as of 2 days of ago I am on Suboxone again. I ask him how long it would take for me to fill better and he told me it could take up to 6 months. I have this cream that I started putting on my feet and I think that it is really working and my feet do feel better, but I am really concerned about the 6 months. But at this point I really do not have any other options. I might have one other doctor i could go to but if he would not give me any opiods I would be shit out of luck. Excuse my language. I am so frustared at this point. So, I have been looking around about surgeries for neuropathy. Has anyone ever had that done. I do not know if that would even work on me since I have Foot Drop. And of course I waited to long to have something done about my Foot Drop because I did not know someone could do something about thanks to my neurologist. Anyway I guess my main 2 questions
: Does anyone know about Suboxone?
And has anyone done anything for ther neuropathy? Surgeries or something called the Scrambler at John Hopkins?
Thanks for input .

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Hello @mikween, thank you for staring your story and frustrating with neuropathy pain. It sounds like you were on quite the regiment of pain medications. I had to be on high doses of dilaudid after I had my ankle fused and experienced a week long period of withdrawals when I weened off it as well. At first, I didn't understand that it was withdrawal either, it was a weird feeling.

I would like to invite @coolrufus and @mskay to share their experiences with suboxone.

As you may have noticed, I moved your discussion to the Brain & Nervous System group and combined your post with an existing discussion taking place on Neuropathy pain, specifically peripheral neuropathy. I did this so you could meet the other members talking about the symptoms and experiences that are similar to yours. If you are replying by email, I suggest clicking on the VIEW & REPLY button so that you are brought to the full discussion. Then you can read through the other members posts about neuropathy pain.