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Anyone here dealing with peripheral neuropathy?

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I have been on a Chronic pain group and I ran across this one recently. I have had peripheral neuropathy for at least 12 years. At first it started with restless legs, then gradually started in my feet, burning, tingling then progressed to extreme burning,stabbing pain. my knees and my hands. I would cry and walk. Tylenol helped some, And just recently has progressed up to knees and hands. Finally went to an orthopedic pain Dr. He diagnosed me with peripheral neuropathy. I had an event that had me admitted to the hospital. During that visit a neurologist was checking me over and asked if I had taken gabapentin for the neuropothy. I was given a 300mg with a 50mg of tramadol, and had the best sleep I had had in years. so I started taking 300 mgs a day now I have progressed to 600mg 4 times a day, sometimes more, if I have to. That doesn’t happen as much as it used to. But I always take a 50mg of tramadol with the gabapentin. I have tried taking it without the tramadol, with tylenol, but the gabapentin does not seem to work as well without the tramadol.
I am told that I have that I have peripheral neuropathy because of cervical neck surgery, nerve damage to my upper spinal cord because of bone spurs. And I have severe spinal stenosis in my lower back.. I have tried to get cymbalta that was prescribed by my present pain Dr, but since I do not have drug insurance, I could not afford it….$360 for month supply. The neuropothy gets worse at night. Many nights I cannot sleep even when taking meds. Walking seems to help, something about the pressure that seems to help/ Many times I cannot walk because I cannot feel my feet, that is usually when I have waited too long before taking my meds. I use a rolling walker most all the time, it helps when I cannot feel my feet, and my balance is very iffy. I feel so very bad for those who are suffering with this. Hope any of this sharing helps.

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hi jjwest – have your vitamin b-12 checked. I am on 900 mgs of gabapentin. I also have vit b-12 shots and take 5000 mg of vit b-12 under the tongue every day. Ideally your vit b-12 needs to be in the upper limits of normal

Wondering if anyone has the same issue that i have in regards to pain medication. No matter if it is the Gabapentin that I take for the neuropathy issue or any other kind of pain medication 4 muscle and back aches or even headaches such as extra strength Tylenol or Aleve xcetera, all seem to excite my neuropathy symptoms to another even higher level. Really irritates my feet no matter what type of pain medication I take for about 2 hours. My dr. Had never heard of it.

So sorry , sounds like your living my life!

Hello Paula (@paulagershoony), welcome to the Anyone here dealing with peripheral neuropathy? discussion. May I ask what kind of neuropathy you have? I have idiopathic small fiber peripheral neuropathy but the only symptoms I have are numbness in the feet and no real pain. The neurologist said he thought it was hereditary.