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I am 50, have other health problems causing MCI and hearing loss, and I tried hearing aids with glasses and it was awful - glasses sat crooked or hearing aids were crooked, I ended up having to ruin the arms on my frames to bend around the aid where it looped up and over. I eventually got rid of the aids - I don’t really need to hear anything because I hardly speak to anyone/have anyone near me (I have no family and an immune disease so socialising is 100% not possible for someone like me). And the issue I found with tiny in ear aids is the problem of dropping/losing them - I have peripheral neuropathy so I couldn’t feel them in my hands, so I would drop them when trying to put them in/take them out. Now, I just wear earbuds Bluetoothed to my phone, and turn them up so they are loud, so I can hear things clearly as needed via the phone. If someone has a tone of voice I cannot hear (certain pitch/tone voices I just can’t hear at all), I use the voice recorder on my phone and blast the recording via the earbuds into my mostly useless ears 😉
I don’t own any hearing aids anymore - they just were not practical or suitable for concurrent glasses frame use.

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That’s similar to what I went through. Eyeglasses and “regular “ hearing aids that loop around your ears simply aren’t feasible.

The in-ear aids are too tiny for me to handle. You’re right. They are easy to drop and even lose. I’m not getting any more hearing aids. First of all mine had pill batteries that only seemed to last 3 days.

Too much aggravating to keep up with. I no longer wear any because eyeglasses are more important to me. The mild cognitive impairment was determined to be more due to the use of certain medication than the beginning of dementia.