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I’m a retired nurse and congratulations on your age, I’m impressed. At your age no doctor is going to recommend any invasive treatment due to your fragility. If you’re performing a movement that is causing you to collapse I suggest you find another way to dress or a different shirt. I personally believe you’re living on borrowed time and you should savor your days and not seek medical intervention. At 90 there are too many things to consider that could be causing it to investigate at your age. Please take care of yourself, keep yourself safe and stop causing yourself a vasovagal response to pass out.

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@jenatsky, I'm inclined to agree with @tadueo on this one. "Living on borrowed time" is a term that - particularly in writing - comes across as harsh, although I'm confident you didn't mean it that way. With a text-based forum like Mayo Clinic Connect, we only have words without the benefit of body language and tone of voice. To generalize, I guess we are all living on borrowed time and abilities vary irrespective of age. As you know, when weighing treatments options the medical team and patient consider not only age, but also current health status and life goals.

Having said that @tadueo, it appears that the medical professionals you've consulted with see high risk with invasive treatment such as surgery. There may be good reason beyond age or in combination with age that this is not recommended for you. Given your abilities as you've described them here, were you told which risk factors have ruled out surgical intervention? Were other lifestyle options suggested for you?

By the way, I really like the imagery you include with your posts.