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Anyone here dealing with peripheral neuropathy?

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Thanks 4 reply!
B12 will ask doc, EMG cant remember when i had one so will check that also.
Called my pharmacy about the newer form of Gabapentin...she didnt know about it, said perhaps not approved in Canada yet. Do u know how long its been on the market? What is "new" about it?

Please give medical cannabis a try.Nancy Shermoen~

Hi, yes I'm on a waiting list. When I looked into this site it said be somewhat careful of what u write as anyone can read it...which is why I am replying by email.I dont know yet how it would work out 4 me. I really want to go back 2 work, but I work with kids. Not really sur the 2 r compatible. But I will find out! Thanks.Envoyé de mon

It may be pretty new. My doctor sent me to a small specialty pharmacy that had some kind of special promotion for the drug, which meant no co-pay (I'm on medicare and Blue Cross). When I saw my doctor (a pain management specialist) this morning he asked me if it had cost me anything; I took that to mean it's pretty expensive if you have to pay for it, which suggests it hasn't been on the market long (given Big Pharma's behavior here in the US!). I know it's not yet available in generic form. The manufacturer is Xenoport. I don't know how your prescriptions work under Canada's health care system, but if it's free or at all reasonable for you, it's worth a try. Check on the internet for more info on Horizant; perhaps make a printout for your doctor and pharmacist. It's a timed-release pill, and it can therefore be taken in higher dosages, and it may be absorbed by one's system in a different way from regular gabapentin. It was first prescribed for patients with night-time restless leg syndrome, but it has done wonders for the burning in my leg. It hasn't completely eliminated the pain, but it is much more tolerable and I can concentrate on other things. I take one tablet, 600 mg daily. I take it at 5:00 p.m., which is what is recommended for people with restless leg, and it helps me sleep, as the burning often disrupted my sleep. The website lists some side effects, but fortunately I haven't experienced any of them. Good luck!

to upnorthnancy - when speaking of medical marijuana does one usually mean the tincture of oil that one can buy on-line? @ladyjane85

Not sure what working with kids has to do with using medicinal cannabis? Many children use it for seizure disorders and various other disorders.<br><br>Nancy Shermoen~

No medical marijuana is a mixture of CBD and THC. I believe CBD is hemp oil and legal to buy online everywhere. It is the THC  part that is only legal in certain states but is the part that is most effective. Mayo Clinic has a good article on their guidelines which you may want to check out. One of the moderators on this connection site emailed it to me.Nancy Shermoen~

P.S. I do order the oil from SOL CBD.com and I am not sure if it helps or not. Some people swear by it but I cannot say it does much for me. However when I was in Colorado I went to a dispensary and bought a balm that is half CBD and half THC each 50mg and I LOVE it. Also got relief from an edible combination of CBD and THC.Nancy Shermoen~

Yes I have read the difference between CBD + THC but i will also go check out Mayo clinic guidelines. Info is power!
I have read about kids using it to control siezures. But i have to admit that where i work i have a very difficult time imagening the principal or my students parents accepting theyr teacher goes out 4 a smoke, wether it be "medical" or not, during recess...although cookies or muffins might be an interesting option. I guess i'll need more leagal info also for canada. I love what i do and I want to continu doing it.

I would never smoke it. I use a balm I rub on my skin wherever the pain presents and I loved the little edible that tastes like a tootsie roll. I saw on Facebook where a skin patch is coming soon. I would much rather take a plant from God then anything big pharma offers.Nancy Shermoen~