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Effexor Withdrawal or Depression Relapse

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Thanks for that helpful and informative response! Could you provide a source about Effexor storing itself in the body's (fat) cells? This is concerning. I wonder how long the body needs to get rid of it.

Based on your seemingly extensive knowledge about this topic, would you say that the withdrawal from six weeks of 150mg Sertraline followed by six weeks of 225mg Venlafaxine should be less severe than for the average person trying to come off these drugs?

Also, would you be willing to provide more information about your own situation? How long had you been on the 75mg dose prior to the two-year taper period? How long have you been off Venlafaxine now? What are you withdrawal symptoms like?

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Hi, like you I am in Europe. UK.
First of all, I recommend, as an overview (and as an American) you look out last months documentary on BBC i Player. "The truth about anti-depressants". FYI, it seems to have been separately put out on You Tube. One hour duration. It features THE top Professors in UK & USA who are now dealing with the "fall - out" of these (80's & 90's next gen pills). The USA Public health Drug oversight body is also featured. I have, over the past 3 yrs, spoken to ALL the UK Neuropharmacologists on the show. I am no medical person, but have had to "reverse engineer" my situation to find out what is going on with me. In your case, 225mg seems alot to start on. Your body would take a hit @ that level. It is the titration off (slow draw down) that is some help vs the symptoms. BUT, I am hyper sensitive to ANY A.D. & EFFEXOR/ VEN is reputedly worse than HEROIN to get off of. ! both in time and symptoms. Dr's gave me 75mg to start. = It now transpires I should have not been given ANY A.D.' s as I am ALLERGIC to all of them ! (That is a wholly separate story). I have let the famous TEMPLE GRANDIN in the USA know about A.D.'s dangers to Autistics !