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Effexor Withdrawal or Depression Relapse

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Hi, from my litany of problems with VENLAFAXINE = aka EFFEXOR in USA, your " jet lag", is attributable to EFFEXOR withdrawal. I am experiencing your problems (& alot more). I spent 2 years titrating off (from only 75mg !) getting down to taking beads out of a 37.5 slow rel capsule & diluting them! I kid you not. Luckily, you were on it only a very short time, so I guess your issues will be short lived. The longer you are on it, the longer these symptoms take to cease . AND, as you observe, they go away , and come back ! Severe problems are seemingly all down to genetics. Some people have no issues at all. I have read the drug gets absorbed into your body fats / cells. Thus causing "withdrawal issues" as your body tries to rid itself. Hope this helps .

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Thanks for that helpful and informative response! Could you provide a source about Effexor storing itself in the body's (fat) cells? This is concerning. I wonder how long the body needs to get rid of it.

Based on your seemingly extensive knowledge about this topic, would you say that the withdrawal from six weeks of 150mg Sertraline followed by six weeks of 225mg Venlafaxine should be less severe than for the average person trying to come off these drugs?

Also, would you be willing to provide more information about your own situation? How long had you been on the 75mg dose prior to the two-year taper period? How long have you been off Venlafaxine now? What are you withdrawal symptoms like?