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Loss of hunger and taste and smell.

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Thank you for your kind response. I am sorry you have these issues with your health. I am in the process of having my food allergies tested through blood work by a Functional Medicine Doctor. This will hopefully give me more insight on what to eat and what not to eat for my health. I am also taking Synthroid and Cytomel for Hashimoto/Hypothyroidism which I was diagnosed with after a colon resection last April. I do know that I have to eat to maintain energy for working out, which I do regularly 3 x’s a week by walking 4 miles and lifting free weights.
I thank you for your response and wish you all the best.

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Using LDN (low dose naltrexone) every night has allowed me to reduce my dosage of synthroid from 2.5 to 1.00. LDN helps decrease inflammation with autoimmune disorders. You had hashimotos all this time and nobody knew till after your surgery? Did nobody ever check your thyroid before? I know people in their 40s who have never in theor life had a tsh even. Just terrible. I've been on synthroid since I was 15 (brand name is the only thing that controls my numbers) for hashimotos. I did a year of research on LDN before gping on it as its really a decision for life - its a long term treatment. Low dose. I slowly built up to 4mg, some only need 2.

I went off LDN for a couple of months after Christmas, no change in synthroid, and my TSH went through the roof. Worth checking out. For long covid also as its an antiinflammatory. Definitely do your due diligence, just has helped me tons with objective results of lab work.

I wasn't saying stop.imvestigating esp if ypu can afford treatment not paid for by insurance. Most long teem disabled people just don't have those kind of choices is all. And we can run ourselves ragged trying only what insurance covers for years. I have no choice. For those of you who have alternative medicine as an option, go for it.

in reply to @lkirnbauer It sounds like we are both doing the same things to keep ourselves strong and healthy. I too lift weights after I get out of the shower because I do not want to lose muscle mass. I know when I weigh myself from time to time and see the number, it is probably what it is because of course, the muscle weighs more than what little fat I have. In any event, keep up the great work!