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Loss of hunger and taste and smell.

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in reply to @lkirnbauer I too have a problem with my appetite which I am told is related to the dilation of my bile ducts, but I am not convinced that this is the sole problem. I do not think it is COVID related as I was not subjected to the disease. I understand what you must be going through. For me it has been especially difficult because I have lost so much weight, am malnourished and anemic. I have to set timers for myself in an effort to remind me that I really do need to eat. The sad thing is that I love to cook gourmet food and bake bread and things like that. I still bake, but give everything away because of dietary issues. I don't go to the trouble of cooking much anymore because if I do, much of it is wasted. However, this past winter I did get into the habit of making a wonderful chicken and vegetable soup that was loaded with every kind of vegetable I liked and that also had a great amount of protein. Many forget that there are a lot of vegetables that have as much, if not more, protein than beef, and while I do not eat much beef, every once in a while I do buy a filet and share it with my neighbor who also likes it, but eats little. I wish I had a magic answer for you. I also keep these protein bars on hand: Perfect Bar. 15 mg of protein, refrigerated and loaded with superfoods. If I am not especially hungry I grab one of these and that gives me peace of mind that I have at the very least eaten something. Good luck.

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Thank you for your kind response. I am sorry you have these issues with your health. I am in the process of having my food allergies tested through blood work by a Functional Medicine Doctor. This will hopefully give me more insight on what to eat and what not to eat for my health. I am also taking Synthroid and Cytomel for Hashimoto/Hypothyroidism which I was diagnosed with after a colon resection last April. I do know that I have to eat to maintain energy for working out, which I do regularly 3 x’s a week by walking 4 miles and lifting free weights.
I thank you for your response and wish you all the best.