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Anyone here dealing with peripheral neuropathy?

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About 10 years ago, I began feeling “funny” sensations in my feet. I
notified my dr. who used a small instrument to poke at toes/feet asking
“can you feel that?” Yup, I could feel it so he said it was probably okay.
It continued. Five years later, I developed cancer and underwent chemo for
6 months and some radiation. Now, I have a full-blown case of neuropathy
that extends from feet up to ankles but it is a different than the *lack of
feeling* type – I feel everything. I can’t stand on my bathmat because it
hurts – how odd is that? Feet and ankles feel as though they are tightly
bound much as if you’d wrapped duct tape tightly around feet and ankles
many times. If my feet become too warm, they itch and there are frequent
jabs of severe pain. Ankles swell by bedtime. So, before I go to bed at
night, I stand on the cold garage floor for a few minutes to be sure the
feet are cold enough to allow me to get some sleep. I take no pain meds
(other than acetomenaphin) but take warfarin for a blood clot. I’m 80
years old and have heard horror stories about the testing that is done to
determine extent of nerve damage and am not in a mood to experience further
discomfort unless something really can be accomplished. So far, the best
therapy I’ve found is to keep your feet cool and apply a good foot cream
both AM and PM. Just a note

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I'm 82 and had those tests done about three months ago. I was somewhat fearful and nervous leading up to the actual tests, but found there was nothing to worry about. Somewhat uncomfortable, true, but it goes pretty quickly and nothing that's "unbearable." Just do it.

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