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Anyone here dealing with peripheral neuropathy?

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Keep us updated. Good luck

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I am interested in meds others have used. Doctors have prescribed all the meds for diabetic neuropathy, Lyrica, gabapentin, others not in my memory at the moment. Hydrocodone and more recently Butrans patch, and Nylanta. Acupuncture from two different therapists and also deep massage from a PT and use of many creams. Nothing has affected the burning/pain. Any suggestions for my doctors?

I to have tried all that you have mentioned as well as tens devices etc. and have found no real relief. Lots of snake oil salesman out there with magic creams, pills etc but I have yet to find any relief from the burning and glass/sand in your shoes sensations related to the affliction. Really destroys quality of life for sure and doesn’t appear to be Any miracles in sight!

It has been suggested that I try cannabis but I have not been able to find a doctor that will sign for me. However, doctors say I have intractable pain and thus would qualify under state law however the problem is to find a doctor that is working with patients with such problems. Any suggestions appreciated.

Hello @fonda, in Minnesota there is a state registry that you have to be listed in before you can get treatment using medical cannabis. I’m sure each state has their own rules/regulations. Here’s the link for Minnesota:
I went to a Minnesota Neuropathy Association meeting last week and we had a guest speaker Dr. Gary Starr from LeafLine Labs (https://leaflinelabs.com/). He went through the process of how a person gets on the registry and becomes a patient. He also gave us the history of cannabis and how it works on the body to explain some of the common misunderstandings.

Can you share what state you live in? Maybe others who have tried it can share their story.


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