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Anyone here dealing with peripheral neuropathy?

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I’ve been on a Fentanyl patch for years for my peripheral neuropathy. It’s the only thing that works to keep the burning pins and needles feeling at bay. My strength on the patch is 100 mcg/hr. I replace it at the same time every three days. I really can’t survive without it.

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Thanks pain warrior that is interesting solution. I’ll mention it to my doc.!

Im glad it helps relieves your pain, I hate to know when someone goes through so much pain. An for the rest of you that is suffering. Ive live with pain most of my life, but not from the same illness, and I dont believe in the degree you suffer.I hope you want be afended if I tell you I will pray for you and the others who are suffering.I admire your stregth. Hang in there!

ThAnk you you have a lot of strength too. Let us know how hour ms test turns out I will be praying for you too and all the others who are in pain

@Pain warrior, My Dr won’t increase the strength of my fentayl patch from 50mcg/hr. In the summer, he’ll let me change my patch from every 3 days up to every 2 days. This is because of extra sweating, swimming, etc. The patches come off sometimes and I need to replace it. This strength is barely adequate and I have to dole them out carefully. I don’t know how long I can be on patches but I can tell you within a few hours when I need to change it. I start “buzzing” and feel listless. Gabapentin seems to “fill the gaps” at 4500 mg a day (1500 mg 3-times a day). I’m wondering how I’d feel with the 100mcg you are on? Any side effects? Loopy, dizzy, rashes? Glad it works for you? Neuropathy is tough and it happened to me instantly. One moment I’m a strapping 60-year old male at the peak of my retirement and the next moment…THIS!

Pain warrior – Thank you for the information on the Fentanyl. I will ask my Dr. About it. Are there any significant side affects? My neuropathy in my left foot and lower leg has only affected my sensory nerves. I still have my motor nerves intact so I can still walk. Hope this neuropathy doesn’t affect my motor nerves. Are there any other meds to try?

Neuropathy in my feet was caused by Chemo; Why do some try to sway people away from the Fentanyl patch; something about it being synthetic. I've tried everything imaginable and can only wear certain shoes. What else have you tried?