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Anyone here dealing with peripheral neuropathy?

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It is frustrating when you can't do a lot for yourself and I'm not dealing with a neuropathy anymore but I have really really bad arthritis in both my wrists and in my knees and I'm on letrozole for the breast cancer issue I have. The letrozole causes the pain in my legs and muscles. I'm on the Gabapentin to help the hot flashes but I started taking 800 milligrams of magnesium and I think that's helping more than the Gabapentin I've noticed how busy I've been but I've also had vertigo in the past and thought maybe that was part of that I am calling my doctor Monday to see if I can go off the gabapentin and see what happens.I have also started using some essential oils that a friend of mine gave me her sister-in-law has pain due to breast cancer and other forms of cancer and she's been using this mixture of essential oils with coconut oil and her pain has subsided dramatically so I have started doing that also.I hope at some point everything lights up because I just am not the person I was before I dread going to bed I tried getting out of bed if I sit down it takes me forever to get up because of the pain it's ridiculous you would think that they would come up with something else to help without all these bad side effects yes I'm glad to be alive<br />
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Hi, just read your words, I too have severe peripheral neuropathy in lower legs, plus osteoarthritis in knees, (and a broken bone in my foot, ouch) So, here I am looking at my bed which I have not been in or on in over 3 years. I found a recliner in a discount drug chain about three years ago, and it goes completely flat. It is no effort whatsoever to just adjust level of comfort, watching tv etc, and when ready just lean back. The great part is, like you, I could not get out of my bed, and sometimes doing so caused the additional terrible pain of my thigh muscles cramping, it is just as easy as leaning forward, I am sitting up, feet on floor, take my time, grab my cane, and off I go not out of pain but out of the ridiculous time I have getting up and out of bed, especially for night time bladder trips. I found that after switching from gabapentin to pregabalin (Lyrica) I have such relief sleep is not a problem anymore. Terry