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i tapered down from 1mg every night for 20 plus years....wow wow wow....yes horrible withdrawals. just horrible. if I were in a good setting I would of def. did cbd. it was awful and I def had withdrawals from it. took me a good 1 and a half.

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I was only taking .5 mg before bedtime but after only a month or so I noticed changes in my system, body tremors first and then body buzzing off and on throughout the day, and then serious eye twitching developed. It was obvious this was affecting my central nervous system so I stopped cold turkey after 7 months on the drug (6 or so months of effects). The eye improved 100% and stopped within a couple days of stopping. Body buzzing lasted for 2/3 months after stopping but tremors, although much better, are still noticeable a little bit. I am off 5 1/2 months but the cold turkey stopping can definitely lead to long term withdrawal symptoms. My sleep doc said based upon my symptoms he would have stopped drug cold turkey as well but a neurologist I recently saw said he would never stop that drug cold turkey, go figure. That said I went to a neurologist just to make sure something else might be going on, although I was pretty certain it was the clonzapam. I am a very healthy 65 year old so this defintely threw me for a loop. Neurologist went on to say, he can't imagine why sleep doc gave me this drug for insomnia I was experiencing? He also told me to just stay away from doctors which I had to laugh at, but I think he was serious. I have 3 docs in my family and I remember my one nephew telling me to be leary of physicians as well. He is brillant, went to Harvard etc. and told me he was frankly shocked at what he saw in his field. BTW, I feel like I'm rambling now, but the 4th leading cause of death is physician malpractice, although you will never see that listed in top 10 causes of death. That is 100% true.