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Diagnosed with Ameloblastoma

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I really want to know because my daughter age 14 will do the operation like yours

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Hello @city, I’m sorry I was off line for most of the day and didn’t see this post right away.
I have no eating issues other than what cancer radiation left me with over twenty years ago. The mandible surgery and prosthetic teeth implant has actually improved my ability to chew.
I had to pass a swallow test before I was discharged from hospital but really have had no new issues with swallowing.
Speech was a bit distorted until my teeth were replaced. I also have a numb area on my lower lip and chin but have managed after a bit of practice to get the straw in my mouth from my root beer float on Saturdays which I enjoy so much.
14 years old is hard to imagine having to go through any surgery let alone one that will require healing in both the head and leg at the same time. It will be ok because she will heal.
I have a nifty long scar on my leg that when asked I just say “don’t swim with sharks.” The jaw scar blends into the folds of the neck so it’s not bad at all. The smile is a bit of a “pirate” smile and it’s good to be unique. As I say to all who ask, Courage! She will be fine.
Any questions as she goes on this journey please just ask.
When does this happen for her?