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Sorry I didn't mean to be invasive. I wanted to know what other medication was helping you with the diarrhea. I too have problems with fiber. My doctor is suggesting a Lactose intolerance test. Could you tell me what foods you are avoiding completely?

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@nazleer you were not “invasive” at all. I’m sorry to have given you that impression. I was just just trying to figure out where you were coming from and see if I could help. No other med helps me with diarrhea. But a little goes a long way. I have to be careful not to end up with the opposite problem. That is why I take a half tablet daily. The tab is easy to break and comes out to 1 mg. I don’t avoid any food completely (unless I don’t like it). That can be another problem because I like almost everything. I just have to consume fiberous stuff in small portions and not too often (especially cabbage or baked beans). Last year I found out I have diverticulitis. That is an infection in the little pouches call diverticuli that are located at the other end of the GI system. The treatment for that is more fiber. Good grief! Less fiber up top, more fiber at the bottom? My primary doc ended up suggesting it might be a bit of a bumpy road of trial and error (and small portions) to figure out what works for me. That works for me!