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Hi Brandon (@seanbeck),

Touchy subject, but very much necessary none the less and I thank you for creating it. I've been managing extreme pain for about 20 years now due to multiple rare conditions.

Recently though, I find my sex drive to be lower than normal. Not feeling the need for it, or wanting it as much as I used to. This is mainly caused by the number of medications I take for pain, stress and poor sleep at night.

I think having a low sex drive is different for each of us men, but for me, it has more to do with decreased blood flow, lack of energy and meds. I've noticed a big change in the last couple of years in my drive also. I mean i'm always up for the occasion, but my mind isn't in the game if that makes sense?

I've taken a couple of different types of opiates in the past, present and future... and I've noticed that the two do go hand in hand. The amount you take and the type have different affect. Also, and I'm sorry to hear about your 13th spinal surgery, that must be stressful for you, but the details surrounding your health in general will have an affect as well. Whenever I have a lot going on with my health, my "social" life drastically decreases because of it.

For me, this is how I typically rate it (without having a physical issue):
Mental State: 20%
Pain: 15%
Medications: 35%
Happiness: 30%

I would speak to your doctor, or do some research on the type of meds you take. Look for signs of: decreased energy, sleep disorder, brain fog, decreased blood flow, decreased responsiveness, etc. Anything that affects your mental state and body together can give you clues to keep/avoid certain opiates.

If I may ask, what opiates specifically do you take? Might be able to help if I've had to take them as well.

I hope this helps!
Martin R. Lemieux

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My low libido is caused by seizure medication.