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I appreciate your post and I am curious for more details. What size was your prostate before your started your medications and do you know the size they are shooting for? Are you for sure going with Tulsa Pro......if so, who and where have you decided? I have read a lot about Dr Busch in GA. I believe he is cash pay only.

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There is no sure about anything inside me, but it is a current plan with a solid backup of sorts.

Prostate size 110 cc, aim is 10% or more reduction roughly, more is ideal of course as it is about temperature at the lesion. Dr Scionti is the Tulsa pro guy. They are all cash pay. However, and though my insurance paid for the biopsy, Mayo's charges for a transperineal biopsy were about the same as the Tulsa Pro price complete and out the door. All in all, I think Mayos complete charges to insurance, and that means everything they charged from band-aids to nurse to anesthesia exceed the Tulsa price. But Mayo's price on MRI is about double my local university charges too. But of course Mayo has top people.

The Tulsa Pro medicare code is nearly ready so insurance can be billed, but perhaps not the next medicare update in Jan 2024, but in Jan 2025. So in a year and a half people opting for Tulsa can bill insurance with a medicare code.