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@nazleer I have diabetic gastroparesis. It was explained to me this way. It is a complication of diabetes when diabetes causes internal nerve damage (autonomic neuropathy). These are the nerves that help control the function of internal organs. In this case it is your stomach, gastrointestinal system and even the colon. Sorry this description will get graphic. It is kind of like a plumbing system. The stomach doesn’t move food through to the GI part at a normal rate. It can sit there, rot and cause nasty symptoms (nausea, heartburn, cramps, vomiting). This can be diagnosed by undergoing a stomach emptying test. Eventually the food will move through the GI system but by then it something of a clog (more system & symptom distress). By the time it gets to the colon it is pretty bad, then all h—- breaks loose (diarrhea). I’ve gone through this cycle many times.

I learned that certain foods aggravate things at the top/stomach. For me it was fiber. Which is sad because fiber helps with blood sugar control. I was referred to a dietician that specializes in diabetic diet and was familiar with gastroparesis. This was hugely helpful. I also was put on a prophylactic daily dose of Imodium to deal with the diarrhea on the other end. The generic is Loperamide and is over the counter. I take just a half tablet daily (1 mg). In addition to eating right and taking the small dose of med I found it was even more helpful keep blood sugar in range, stay hydrated, and exercise. Those last 3 can be tedious but are not impossible. Do you have a family member or friend that can support you in these endeavors? That helps a lot.

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What med are you taking besides Imodium?