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Hi @bjroc, I'm tagging several members who have had proton beam therapy for prostate cancer like @jb2buckwater @slick64 @ken82 @dandl48 @rcs @waynen @wrig1jam @jim20403 @jimcinak and @gankster. Some had proton beam therapy months ago, others year ago and may be able to post their with erectile dysfunction (ED), whether they had ED or not. If yes, how long their period without ED were.

I know you're hoping for a simple answer, but I don't think there are ever simple answers with cancer. Experiences with side effects vary from person to person. It will also depend on if one has proton beam therapy alone or with other treatments, as well as erectile function pre treatment.

@bjroc, when did you have proton beam therapy? Do you experience ED-free periods?

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Just being offered proton beam at Mayo, I have not had yet. I am aware it depends on things. Right now I am doing a two month shrink, then can select proton at Mayo or go outside and do Tulsa. We will see.

@bjroc I had my prostate cancer diagnosed in 2019 at Mayo MN where they gave me 1 Lutron shot...2 months later I started the Radiation 20 treatments near my home where equipment was the same and radiation oncologist was Mayo trained. My Urology problems.. ED.. were complicated by drinking water pollution at Camp Lejeune while in the Marine Corps decades earlier...the Viagra worked for a while prior to the cancer. . . But not since...other medications were tried to no avail. Good luck

Ken Larson
In the Woods
Ames, Iowa

My experience was no erectile disfunction... other than being 65... so it's not rock hard like when I was 32!