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Healthy diets for cancer patients

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Boy, that's a huge topic. As far as I know, there is no single diet known to suppress or reverse all cancers since different cancers meet their metabolic needs in different ways. I looked into this a lot but with a narrow focus on prostate cancer. The conclusion was to stick to sound diet basics such as restricting animal products and saturated fat, avoiding processed and preserved foods, and avoiding sugar. The Mediterranean diet follows those guidelines. Some cancers seem to be slowed by a ketogenic diet as I recall but only slowed, not reversed. Maintaining an optimum weight is at least as important as diet, as is exercise. If you are tempted to try a bunch of supplements, don't. Higher levels of some nutrients, such as thiamine, can actually feed the cancer. Others, like anti-oxidants, can protect it. Take a look at a book, Anticancer: A New Way of Life. It covers a lot and is generally pretty sensible. Like I said, this is a massive topic with a lot of opportunities to get confused. Try and do what seems sensible and avoid extremes. Best of luck. 

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Great answer @johnwburns and very sage advice!

Thank You @johwburns It has been overwhelming too say the least. I am going to get the book recommend.
again thank you.

Don't thank me for just being human. One thing that I forgot to mention is to take as much time as you can to destress by whatever means best suits you. Its going to be alright.

Thanks @johnwburns. I checked into this further. What an eye opener. Here I’ve been taking them thinking I was helping myself. My gallbladder was cancerous & removed. I am on chemo now & will have radiation this fall.

Hi @ginj, I learned a lot as well on this post. the best way thing we can do is eat food with the nutrients we need. That is what both my cancer doctors who monitor say. I am not sure if you see this publication from the National Cancer Institute. They put together a story on Eating hints Before, during and after Cancer Treatment. You may find some helpful information in it.
Do you mind posting what foods you find have worked best for you?

@travelgirl Jackie

This article on Eating Hints is very helpful. I appreciate your posting it. Teresa