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Seroquel for anxiety, social anxiety & PTSD

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Missyb57,. I don't know if you are still a member but I have somewhat similar background as you. I also accidentally hit this site and your comments here about osteoporosis and bypass are much like my history I believe I am meant to see them. Opioids too. I have been on opioids now close to 5 years. Taken off clonazapam. Have tough time with controlling anxiety. Depression. Been in store parking lots and felt like too many people so I would leave go home. When people are around me in Church at times, well I now see church services on TV. Very little sleep. Thought about Seroquel. Have been on it many years ago and made me sleep way too many hours. Hard time then at work just to stay awake. I am 64 now,. Last day at medical transcription 1-31-09 anniversary day almost here, devastated by no job! Disabled by Complete 'nervous breakdown' in mental hospital x3-4, private psychologist and psychiatrist for 4 years for terrible anxiety. Clonazapam 1 mg four x daily for 3-4 years, I decided to titrate down. Then osteoporosis and broke thigh hip. Rod in thigh from pelvis to knee, new hip. Oh in other leg new knee. All titanium. Two years later broke tibia fibula in six places. Much titanium there in same leg as hip and thigh. At 62 told had bones of a 90+ year old woman. Now with opioid crisis the pain meds do not ever stop pain. Anyway have been taken off anxiety meds by PCP because now at 0.5 mg three times a day too much controlled meds. To see a psychiatrist I have to drive over 100 miles and due to not able to sit on buttocks burning bone pain very many hours, and I have to drive myself, have nothing for anxiety. Prozac not for anxiety and I take it for depression. Have you found anything yet to help? I hope you have for your sake. If you would please share info. I would greatly appreciate this. Maybe something in the same family of meds would help me. I did not know this site was here.

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Sorry you're havsuch a hard time. I have depression, anxiety , osteoarthritis, and IBS-D

Personally I wouldn’t take Seroquil. I’ve heard many people say how helpful it’s been. I’ve also seen the other side of what some call a miracle drug, especially from schizophrenia patients. People should, in my opinion, avoid any Neuroleptic medication unless nothing else works. I know a man with Seroquil induced Diabetes and have been to the Tardive Dyskinesia Center in Oregon. I talked to many people as to what medications caused their painful and irreversible problems. Most took Antipsychotics, Antidepressants. Anticonvulsants or Antiparkinson Medications
Not a pleasant experience.
I’m sorry your suffering so, but you need to understand these phobias are irrational fears and unnecessarily interfering with your life. Phobias are highly treatable. You can overcome them. There are treatments that are very effective available for both depression and anxiety that can help that don’t subject you to the dangers these medications can cause. I know medication is sometimes warranted but should only be used as a last resort.
I hope you seek the help you need so you don’t feel it necessary to alter your lifestyle.
Health and happiness,