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@meghan13 sorry to hear it took so long to get diagnosed.

Many here have similar stories about the length of time it took to get diagnosed. I was treated as an asthmatic with repeat infections with oral steroids for awhile before I moved to a larger city. Then I had a diagnosis -- something to call it and something to do about it. Essentially, the gold standard for bronchiectasis treatment is lung clearance. You'll experiment to see what works for you. Also, an experienced knowledgeable pulmonologist is critical to work up and follow you. Exercise excellent also. For lung clearance there are Youtube videos with demonstrations. There are online conferences to listen to also on YouTube. Your pulmonologist can refer you to a RT (respiratory therapist) for added training. It takes time to master.

Regarding pseudomonas, an experienced knowledgeable pulmonologist will know how to treat with the correct antibiotics. From past reading, I recall that pseudomonas is treated with Levaquin for 3 to 4 months but ultimately, your doctor will dictate medication and duration.

You asked about my regimen:
a.m. NAC with full glass of water or 2 --> albuterol --> wait 15 mins --> nebulize with 7% saline (usually Rx from doctor) --> Autogenic Drainage app on phone for approx 5-6 cycles

p.m. Repeat morning routine except I leave out the albuterol

Please search this forum to become familiar with what others do for clearance. Everyone finds what works for them individually. Also search for pseudomonas infections. Likely, it will answer a lot of questions and make you a more knowledgeable, better patient. Various life style changes may be beneficial. Some people get utility from the Lung Matters facebook group.

The good news is that bronchiectasis is manageable; lung clearance can be accomplished at home. You'll be able to run again once you start feeling better from the pseudomonas infection. The key is to keep the lungs clear so future infections are less likely to settle in.

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@scoop Thank you scoop! I had never heard of NAC before - what dosage would you recommend?