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Seroquel for anxiety, social anxiety & PTSD

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My dr wants me to start at 50 mg for 3 nights & keep titrating up to 200 mg per night for anxiety, PTSD, ADHD, & trouble sleeping Well I feel as if i pretty much have,my anxiety under control, granted i dont go many places as that is a,trigger but it doesnt bother me to stay at home. As for the ADHD well my whole life my mind has gone non stop & i pretty much am used to it. PTSD heck i didnt even know i had that just thought i had a,really crappy childhood. Sleep, well ive never slept through the night, again another life pattern ive never given much thought too. So yall like me are probably saying if this lady isnt bothered by all these things then why start on Seroquel? The only reason i can figure is that he feels that the lack of sleep is causing my anxiety and my issues with the pain in my legs and my joints. Which it’s not I tried to tell him I have physical proof from MRIs and CT scans of the osteoarthritis that is in every joint of my body. I had a whole body bone scan and it showed moderate to severe osteoarthritis from head to toe. This doctor is not one that wants you to discuss things with him. Having Medicaid makes it very difficult to find a doctor to treat me. I do have to just speak up and tell him that I’m not going to take this pill because I don’t think that it’s suitable for me.

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I've taken Saroquel for four years. I never gained any weight on it. I think 100 is a very high dose, especially for insomnia. Many say 25mg works better for them for sleep than 100. I always insist with my psych that I want the very lowest effective dose of any of these drugs. I am now weaning off Saroquel to go to Lamictal but I have bipolar 2 so need a mood stabilizer. If I didn't, I would consider using 25-50mg of Saroquel for sleep as I have never slept better in my life but you are soooo sedated and it's very hard to wake up. I wonder why he wouldn't want to give you Lorazepam or some other anti-anxiety med rather than Saroquel. As far as your chronic pain and arthritis, following an anti-inflammatory diet and taking high doses of liquid omega fish oil can be life-changing for people. I had arthritis, 2 hip replacements and fibromyalgia and I'm only 49! I dealt with chronic pain and inflammation for so long and tried many drugs. Finally, I discovered a mostly plant-based diet and got off ALL those NSAIDS and other crap that was ruining my kidneys and liver. I would ask him to consider Lorazepam for sleep / anxiety. Valarian root also works for a lot of people or melatonin for sleep and anxiety. Good luck and Love & Light to you.