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Hang in there travelgirl! I am still new to my 2nd diagnosis - and mine came 2 years out of treatment from the first one (and I was doing so good - or thought I was). Getting hit so quickly as you did must have your head spinning. I do not even have a treatment plan for the CRC and mets to the liver yet. I go Wednesday to Moffitt where my regular cancer center has referred me. I wish I could say something witty about getting used to it, which I am sure you eventually do. I have not hit that spot yet myself, although I am trying to not worry it every minute. I am having trouble accepting the Stage IV. Recognizing that my body likes to produce quick acting, aggressive cancers and seems to do it in multiples takes some adjusting as well. If I discover any "magic bullet" thinking, I will let you know - and please do the same. I figure we will need a whole bunch of help to keep the thought process going in the right direction.

Take care of yourself. I hope they get a good treatment plan going for you and you head down the recovery road soon.

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I love your attitude!  Keep us posted as to how your appointment at Moffitt goes.  I understand that they are experts in lots of fields of cancer. 

It is the way that we prop up each other's attitudes that help us keep<br />
going. Cancer patients seem to be pretty good at helping each other in that<br />
way. It is a really rotten truth, but it seems like some pretty awesome<br />
people get cancer!<br />
<br />
I will let everyone know for sure. I expect I will walk out of there with<br />
lots of questions. Yes, I have heard nothing but good about Moffitt. The<br />
new stats are out and they are in the top 20 cancer hospitals in the<br />
country - # 14 or 16 I think. It is about an hour and a half, but that is<br />
do-able.<br />

Sorry @martid I swore I answered you.. Still getting used to this program.. As usual I'm talking to myself over here.
My head is still spinning 4 months later. I have hyperventilated for the first time in my life.. My stress now has stress. and Every Ache and Pain in my body just got magnified by 1000's percent. I go to bed every night wondering if this is the night I wake up in a drenching sweat? .I actually wakeup in the middle of the night to check myself to see if I am sweating. No it has not been fun..

I have always been an Overachiever but this is not in the area I had wished to overachieve. I have only had one fear in life, and that has been Dr's and Hospitals. Plus I never really been sick with anything in life. If I was given a choice, I would rather be on Hijacked plane than have to deal with cancer. I honestly think it would be less stressful.

It's the not knowing of what is next? That's is one part I do not like. Plus I have trust issues letting Doctors have full access to ravish my body in a fashion I don't particularly like. Oh' we would like to stick this needle in your back while your awake on table under a CT Machine so we can extract a little tissue. It's no big deal. I am like "your kidding right? Will it be a big deal if I move and you hit my Aorta? I need to be slightly sedated please"...

Yea all that keeps going through my mind is what 4 Doctors keep referring to me as "Rare But Not Unusual".. And I think well at least, I'm not one of kind? It could be worse.

I think we need to Keep Moving I bought a Fit Bit so I can monitor my every move. It puts pressure on me to move, otherwise I would rather sit on the couch and stare out into outer space. Cause I still think I am dreaming all this up..

I wish you the best, hang in there. Moffitt treats a lot of people where I live. Met many who they were able to cure or treat their cancers very well.

Mayo is 4 hours from me. Since I love to travel I decided I need a hospital that made feel like I was going on a Medical Tourism Vacation. About the only way I can deal with my 2 for 1 Special, Double Trouble, Twice Cursed Diagnosis..

Let us know how your treatments are going? Take Care..

We sound a lot alike; many of the same fears and issues. I had to (sort of)<br />
laugh. I had almost the exact same thoughts when they explained about the<br />
liver biopsy.<br />
<br />
Hope your week goes well - keep moving.<br />