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Welcome to Connect, @travelgirl.
I see you’ve connected with some people on the thread about non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma. I have a few more people to introduce you to here on Mayo Clinic Connect. First meet @sue_in_delaware who also is living with colon cancer. And @martid who is also dealing with 2 primary cancers: breast cancer and now liver mets from colon cancer. @hopeful33250 was just recently diagnosed with her third neuroendocrine tumor.

While none of your diagnoses are the same, it’s good to know you’re not alone. Cancer is complex. There are so many different kinds.

@travelgirl I can’t imagine getting the news about 2 different cancers 2 weeks apart. When were you diagnosed?

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I was diagnosed on 12/19 with cecum cancer and on 1/4 with follicular lymphoma .. I had surgery at Mayo in Jacksonville on 1/11 for cecum cancer which came back as a stage 1 and the lymphoma is a Stage 3 wait and watch approach. Currently I am not receiving any treatments. I pray everyday I never need them.