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I found a lump back in May, didn’t show up on mammogram but luckily I was sent to have ultrasound. Radiologist couldn’t see much so he did biopsy and said it looked to be cancer. Found out it was invasive lobular carcinoma stage 1. After MRI i was told there was 1 tumor-4cm and another 1cm. Chose to have double mastectomy which was done on Monday. Mine is ER/PR+HR2-. During surgery I was told margins and lymph nodes were clear. 2 days ago surgeon called with biopsy results stating lymph node had “very few cells” in them so now I’m waiting to find out Onco score for next steps. They also said healthy breast had stuff in it that could potentially turn into cancer where MRI showed nothing. It’s scary, I’m only 52 and have no cancer in my family at all, and it sucks.

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I had two separate mastectomies and the second one, which was the non-cancer breast, had atypical dysplasia.
My tumor in the first breast was mixed ductal and lobular. Lobular is hard to see in imaging because, as it was explained to me, it sort of forms a line instead of a mass. I try not to think about it. I did letrozole for 5 years and am 8 1/2 years out, had grade 3 w/lymphovascular invasion but Oncotype was 8. Hope yours is good too! Let us know...

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How are you doing? Did you get the results of your onco score? What are your next steps?

So happy your doctor insisted on a biopsy! My ILC was 1.8cm and I had lumpectomy at 57 yrs but totally understand given the size of your tumors that a mastectomy was called for! I just can't believe even MRI did not pick up anything in the "healthy" breast! Very scary and keep the faith as with any luck the radiation can take care of the cells in the lymph node. My margins were not all that great as one was less than 1mm but radiologist said the radiation would help with that. Good luck - xoxo