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Vagifem use and what helps vaginal dryness

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Well I visited my GYN this past Monday and she was quite upset that the oncologist told me to get off of Vagifem. My Dr. also said that ACOG says it's OK to use post breast cancer. For the record I've tried, Vitamin E suppositories, Hyaluronic acid, olive oil, coconut oil, and silicone lubricant.

Fast forward to today I got my PAP results back and they came back basically normal (Endocervical and/or squamous metaplastic cells)but noted blood and also the exam itself was painful something that has never happened before.
My vagina is so incredibly unhappy, 2 UTI"s one case of cystitis and a burning sensation when urinating that sometimes makes me want to throw ice on it.

At this point, I am asking for the RX and will begin taking it again. My thoughts are taking the estrogen cream and using tiny amounts. My sister uses a one month tube over a period of 4-6 months so I know I can use trace amounts and probably get the same results. Or using Vagifem (I have probably a 9 month supply here at home) once weekly instead of twice. I'm willing to experiment 🙂 but I however am not willing to deal with these issues in perpetuity and possibly getting worse.

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Hi. Sounds good. Please keep me updated. I dread my Gynecological exam this month. 😫 It is going to be hell.

My GYN also told me estrogen cream would be helpful (even after lumpectomy, radiation for ILC, 58 yrs) with my horrible dryness not matter how many OTC moisturizers I use (Ah! did nothing but best was CVS Replens). I'm going back on it as intercourse so painful. Also soybeans etc I love but do very little for dryness. Kristi Funk is excellent resource, Pink Lotus.
Hang in there and keep sharing..xoox