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Alcohol and Risk of Reoccurence

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Hmmm, throughout my journey no member of my medical team has ever said "Kevin, you wouldn't be in this situation if you would quit drinking...!"

I have a drink or two most nights, rarely not, sometimes three. It varies, some nights wine, some night a couple of old fashions, margaritas....when my medical teams asks how many drinks in a week, I look them in the eye and say "on average 10-15..."

I exercise 5-7 days a week, indoor or outdoor biking, swimming, weightlifting....just got back from a 30 mile ride.

Wife and I travel, just got back from 12 days in Iceland.

Diet is generally good though all things in moderation.

So, have your drink(s), in moderation, same for diet and exercise, go skiing, hiking...


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The funniest thing is that here no doctor asks you whether you drink or not, they do not tell you what diet to consider for keeping weight under control caused by taking ADT, whether I should exercise or not and if so how much (I'm 73 1/2 yrs). And I'm being treated by the best doctors in the best Cancer hospital chain in India. It has always been Google for me to find out what could be the long term side effects of Pred, or that having signs of gynecomastia is a side effect of the ADT drugs that I am on. Thank you Google, and thanks to this forum where I can share my thoughts and learn things from others' experiences.