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I am sorry to hear about your experience. Another dexa scan might be worth it. There are lab tests that will tell them if the meds are working. Not all endocrinologists do these for some reason. Even my Stanford endo did not order them however my primary care doc did. I also see Dr Keith McCormick that many of us here see. He is Stanford trained and had severe osteoporosis himself years ago and took forteo. His knowledge of osteo is impressive and you can buy his blood Great Bones and schedule a phone call with him. He will want copies of your labs and dexa. His entire life is helping people with osteoporosis and he attends all the best conferences on osteo so he is always up to date with the latest info. He treats people from all over. He is the most positive and compassionate doctor. Look him up online and read his story about his journey with osteo. His fee is minimal and I highly recommend him. One other thing that is crucial to bone health is protein. I also see a functional nutritionist out of the Cleveland clinic and both her and Dr McCormick tell me protein protein protein. I eat chicken or fish along with bone broth three times a day. They say you have to have that to help the bones otherwise the meds won’t be able to do their job. No telling if that is what happened with you but it would be good to look into every detail possible and get a second opinion.
All the best to you.

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Correction I don’t have bone broth three times a day. Just a good protein. Bone broth a few times a week.

In terms of how much protein you need in grams per day. Take your weight divide it by 2 . Now divide that by 3 meals a day.


120 lbs divided by 2=60 grams per day needed

60 grams divided by 3 meals = 20 grams per meal