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PSA after 20 Proton treatments

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Could I asked what is SBRT proton beam? I had pencil beam proton therapy at UFPTI as Jacksonville Mayo did not have proton. Mayo did MRI and biopsies. There was a scatter beam that could have been done but I have a pacemaker/ICD and physic department wanted to limit the radiation. I think the SBRT means scatter beam radiation treatment but thought I would asked. What is difference if you know.

I also did not do hormone even though first diagnosed with intermediate 3+4=7. But was changed to low risk from Decipher test and no hormone treatment recommended.

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SBRT (Stereotactic Body Radiation Therapy) is a directed beam of protons similar to your therapy, I expect. I had a PSApet scan that detected no metastasis. At Mayo, SBRT is done with a directed beam and the depth radiation is controlled by an overlaid 3D-MRI taken before the therapy begins and "followed" by the radiation beam. The biggest difference in my therapy is that it was done in five sessions over two weeks rather than forty sessions. Outcomes, at least in my research before the event, are virtually the same.

With your Gleason scores it seems the lesions were confined to the prostate and at least with my therapy the entire prostate gland, bed and in my case a couple of spots just outside the prostate with mild intrusion were targeted. Radiation was confined to the prostate. The two therapies sound very similar to me.

At Mayo, six months of ADT are also part of the standard of care. But, I elected to pass on it. I have a history of heart disease and am 74 years old. After months of research, and except for information from an unpublished, ongoing study at Mayo Phoenix, I could find no definitive studies that compared proton beam with and without ADT. After 10 years, Phoenix has found the difference in outcomes with proton beam + ADT and with proton beam alone to be insignificant. I hope that helps ...