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MAC & Bronchiectasis | Last Active: Sep 5, 2023 | Replies (26)

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hi there is your mac reading improving from just taking the azithromycin?

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I am taking all kinds of vitamins and supplements but I can tell the azithromycin is working because I take 500 mg on Tuesday, Thursday, and Sat and by Monday I am dragging then when I take it on Tuesday I start feeling better again. Apparently it is doing something.

I haven’t had any tests but I am getting another CT on Sept 13th and go from there. I went to a ID doctor in OKC and she had the same concerns as everyone about taking only Azithromycin. I agreed to stop taking it after the CT and see if my symptoms returned by the time I see her again on
Oct 3. I haven’t decided whether to take all three antibiotics or not. She said I could do whatever I choose and she would continue to prescribe Azithromycin if I choose that alone but she doesn’t suggest I do that. I really don’t have bad symptoms. I have night sweats, slight dry cough, and fatigue but since I started the Azithromycin all the symptoms has lessened. I am still taking everything I can to build my immune system and from these posts I am fixing to start garlic pills rather than eat it everyday.
I am still worried about my eyes. She said an eye test every month and my eye doctor said an extensive test monthly and medicare might not pay for it. He is concerned about my eyes.
All that is making me shy away from the other 2 antibiotics. I will know more after 2 weeks off Azithromycin.
I am leaning toward no additional antibiotics.