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I have a neighbor who had a TKR a few years ago and she is doing great. She’s my age 74. She had a good surgeon therefore getting a good result. I believe that you are most likely going to get a good result if you’ve had an excellent surgeon. Have you had any recent x-rays. Get a second opinion. It’s never too late. My neighbor had a THR at the age of 88. She did very well with a top surgeon at one of the best hospitals in our state.

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I agree Linnie. I had both knees replaced in 2022 and I researched surgeons. Pretty simple criteria - I wanted a surgeon in his or her mid 30s to mid 40s (younger surgeons are up to speed on the latest in medicine and are still very ambitious) and with a good pedigree - that is, a top medical school and/or residency at a respected hospital like Cleveland Clinic, Mayo, Rush Memorial, Northwestern, and on.

As for Callie, I don't know what to say. I'm a 68 y/o male and have had great results, but I was also luckily born with athletic genes. I was also born with osteoarthritis genes and that's why I had the TKRs...... But I would scout around for a new surgeon, or if financially feasible, schedule a visit with a surgeon in an elite hospital - again, Cleveland Clinic, Mayo, etc. You might have to travel.

Im sorry what Callie is going through, and wish her all the best.

Most people have top surgeons do their TKR/THR surgery. What, do you think most people deliberately select a lousy surgeon to do this surgery? And whenever people have complications they get X-rays. The surgeon almost ALWAYS says the x-rays look FINE. In fact, surgeons send a whole semester of medical school practicing saying "X-rays look fine." 2nd opinions are hard to come by IF you have issues. FEW surgeons want to give a 2nd opinion to some other surgeon's complications. Just ask anyone who has had to seek out a 2nd opinion. They aren't easy to get. Sounds like you haven't gone thru this experience yourself with all the pat answers that solve nothing. I had a top surgeon in my state and he messed up my TKR because unbeknown to me, I was his 7th replacement surgery of his day. It took me 4.5 yrs and seeing 8 different surgeons before I found someone who would give me an opinion and was willing to do a revision. This is the last surgery a person wants to do more than once. IF a person has complications, there are no easy answers or other surgeons willing to get involved. A screwed up replacement becomes a wild goose chase for other opinions which then becomes a a ruined life- physically, emotionally and financial.