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I was super lucky to have a care team of 3 (friends/family) staying with me for the month post-transplant. Because there were 3 of them they were able to keep almost normal remote work schedules and care for me as well. Along with Caring Bridge we had another friend set up and manage Meal Train for them (since I couldn't eat any outside food). It worked really well. Take care of the care givers!

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Good morning, @heathermcfarland Thank you for sharing these great ideas for what worked for you post transplant with caregivers! Having a Meal Train and tag teaming was a brilliant way for friends and family to help you through a tough period without them feeling super taxed and overwhelmed!

I just realized you’ve not posted before but have been a member since last year. It’s great to see you here and sharing your story can help so many other members with Multiple Myeloma and stem cell transplant. ☺️
From your bio I see that you were diagnosed with MM 9/28/22. When did you undergo your stem cell treatment?
How are you feeling now and are you taking any maintenance medications?

Never used Meal Train. We are having trouble seeing how having other people prepare meals would work for a severely immunocompromised patient. Much as people may want to help, the food needs to be prepared under very strict and clearly known conditions. Can anybody help explain? Our expectation was that the caregiver would need to prepare most meals, selecting and sourcing ingredients to minimize possibility of contamination or infection.