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Congrats! My sister has MM and is going thru chemo & treatment now. She hasn’t been cleared for the stem cell transplant yet. She has echo on 8/4. She’ll probably hear in Sept/Oct if it’s a go. So far her treatment has gone well for her. Continued success to you!

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I wish her the best, my advice…..start building her support group now, don’t be ashamed to throw that “C word” sometimes you just have to. Attitude is the next thing, we’re all entitled to go thru that poor me stage and God why me!!! I was always taught not to ask why, so I haven’t, and I have since figured it out on my own. You quickly need to pick yourself up from the bootstraps and decide who’s gonna win this. I strongly believe these are the 3 biggest things in getting you thru. Luckily it was a shorter road for me. She’ll be fine if she can just stay strong and keep a great attitude.

My husband will probably start with chemo depending on the results of the immunoglobulins panels. His 2 biopsies showed no amyloid in the bone marrow but it seems it was found that plasma cells are acting up resulting in an increase in proteins. The hematologist told him he doesn’t have the Myeloma but wants to start him with chemo as if he would have the disease. My husband is 80 yrs old. I confess that I am really scared because he has Right Heart Failure and suffers from the results of his Proton Therapy radiation that he had in 2009. He has been in remission for years until these lonths when the cardiologist in Mayo Jacksonville diagnosed him with Cardiac Amyloidosis. His chemo treatment will consist of 2 injections: Velcade + Darzalex (duratumumab) in addition to Cytoxan+ Dexamethasone + antiviral Acyclovir. A cocktail that I am scared of. Did you get this treatment too? My husband also has been taking Vyndamax for his TTR Amyloidosis. The Hematologist mentioned Heart Biopsy but never Stem cell. Get well soon and stay healthy.