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What % of women with ADH contract breast cancer

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I am very sorry you aren't getting the information that you need. There are many of us with ADH. I had a annual mammogram when a radiologist notice very small calcifications. I was sent for additional mammogram, then a stereostatic biopsy, and was sent to a breast surgeon for a lumpectomy. ADH was the diagnosis and no cancer. However, I was sent to an oncologist and put on anastrozole for 5 yrs. I would suggest that you go to a breast cancer surgeon and get a second opinion. I agree that they don't tell you much about ADH. Hopefully you will get some answers here on this forum. Best of luck.

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Were you also suggested to do increased monitoring (e.g. MRIs and mammo every 6 mos)?

I am the same as you as far as being sent to a surgeon right after diagnosis of ADH. I am struggling with the idea of having surgery. I was also told I would be having MRI every year and mammograms, and they would be offset from each other by 6 months. I have no plans of taking any meds. The weird thing is - I have had a dimpled area in the same area as the ADH was found, for the past 7 years. The dimpled area has not changed in that time. I suppose that could be a good sign, or it could be bad. The surgeon I was sent to is very talented at surgery and not leaving scars and disfigurement , but he was not the one who decided I needed to have the tissue out in the first place. I guess it was the radiologist- who then expected my primary doctor to explain it. I am sure I should get the Excisional Biopsy. It’s the safe and smart thing to do , to prevent a worse scenario. However I am going to still try and find a good surgeon to do a local with light sedation ( no intubation and no general anesthesia) and I may decide not to go forward if the area has no increase in size. I am looking forward to talking to a doctor with more expertise in ADH. And I am also going to have another pathologist review the slides to make sure that is agreed that the cells are ADH. I am probably going overboard. But I want to be confident in my decision if I go forward with a surgery. I have also wondered if it’s possible to redo the Core needle biopsies, if the area comes back as exactly the same in size.