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A friend commented to me yesterday that her doctor advised her to take Gaviscon or similar medication instead of increasing the dosage of potentially harmful acid reduction drugs. I had increased Prilosec 40mgms in am to an additional 40mgms at night per order of my GI doctor. I still have reflux after several weeks of added dose and now my leg cramps have increased from the increased dosage. I am going to try the Gaviscon advice and will let you know if it works. Some things work for some people and not others.

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Hi! I have a hiatal hernia and GERD and I have taken some sort of PPI for at least 30 years. My gastroenterologist put me on 24-Hr Nexium 40mg (1 pill daily), a number of years ago and told me to take Gaviscon between doses -- If needed. I found that it "usually" works for me; however, there are times when it does not seem to do much. When I have continuing symptoms, I take another Gaviscon pill within 1 to 4 hrs.

We all have our individual crosses to bear. I find that when nothing helps, that a little bit of bitters in warm water seems to do the trick. But everyone is different. I always make sure I have bitters in my cupboard, though! I ASSume you have done the food diary, and might have an idea about what sets you off. Avoiding those "trigger" foods can be soul-wrenching, but ultimately beneficial.
Oh, the things I can no longer eat! And how I miss them so. But, I don't miss the miasma they send my all too delicate stomach into!
Finding that I was being over-prescribed anti-acids was the kicker for me. My Doctors were making me worse, denying such a thing as "kick-back" acid production brought me back around to the more homeopathic, gentle remedies - like - eat some Kim Chi!

Hi, I never heard of bitters before. Could you explain what it is? Thank you! <br><br>

I,have hiatus hernia too. No *meds helped,, and i now have Cinnamon tea<br>with a piece of fresh ginger in every morning and have hardly any<br>problems since*. The Cinnamon i use is the quills (Health Food store)and<br>must be CEYLON cinnamon. But if you cant get the quills,,Ceylon Cinnamon<br>power will do, just strain it through a tea strainer after you've added hot<br>water to,it and leave to steep for 5 mins.<br>