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This is for moo2.
Yes, you can use the app to locate your device. Make sure your Bluetooth is turned on. Go to the app, and click. When the page comes up, there are three dots in the upper left hand corner. Click that and on the drop-down choose "locate sound processor". If they paired the processor when you received it, the GPS will show it's exact location. If it is nearby, it will show when you get close to it just by walking around, or if it is not on your premises, you can click the little balloon and it will show the exact address where you lost it.
I lost mine, (the clip broke) and it showed it was at my vet's office three miles away where I had been earlier. Evidently it had fallen off when I was there. You would think I would have noticed right away, but I did not with the excitement of getting my dogs settled into the car. Unfortunately for me, I went back several times and never found it. I had to get a refurbished one that has never been the same. I can only hope that yours was paired with the app, and that you can locate it.

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@lmayo Thank you for providing this advice. The newer processors have many features that are not on the older ones. I'm using a 'loaner' N7 right now as I wait to get my N8 processor from my provider. As a Freedom implantee (Cochlear Americas), I've been a CI user since 2005. It is absolutely remarkable to learn and use the features in the most recent processors.

The Freedom processor was so simple. No remote, just buttons on the processor to switch programs and use it 'to the max'. No remote control. That got added with the N6. Now, the N7 and N8 are controlled by smart phones. It keeps getting better and better, but requires a bit more to learn. That definitely should mean that the provider/fitter takes more time to teach these things. I did not know there was a 'locate sound processor' ap. Thank you for sharing that.

Regarding a lost processor. Be aware that the magnet on that device is attracted to metal. I know many people who have set the device on a bedside table only to have it missing when they look for it in the morning. They are sometimes found happily attached to the metal bed frame. A friend of mine lost one when working out in a gym. It was attached to one of the exercise machines; the pull down device he had been using to build biceps. We laugh about these things, but it's not funny when we cannot find it. I love that the most recent processors can be found with an ap!