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Hello. I am new to my CI and have all ready misplaced the sound processor.
The help articles I have found say use the app. I did install the app on my iphone 8, but it shows I am not connected to the processor.
Reading further, apparently I should have connected (paired) the app and processor when I had them together.
Is there a way I can find the processor just using the app? I had very little training from my Doctor's PA. Maybe she connected them and I am doing something wrong.
I am afraid the battery will run out before I can find it and then I will never be able to use the app.
I would appreciate any help you all can give me. Thank you.

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I am on the path to getting a CI. If I were you I would call your doctors office. They should be giving you better training on that unit. They should have staff there that can give you a lot of information on that. Good luck.

You may want to call Cochlear at 800-483-3123 for assistance.

This is for moo2.
Yes, you can use the app to locate your device. Make sure your Bluetooth is turned on. Go to the app, and click. When the page comes up, there are three dots in the upper left hand corner. Click that and on the drop-down choose "locate sound processor". If they paired the processor when you received it, the GPS will show it's exact location. If it is nearby, it will show when you get close to it just by walking around, or if it is not on your premises, you can click the little balloon and it will show the exact address where you lost it.
I lost mine, (the clip broke) and it showed it was at my vet's office three miles away where I had been earlier. Evidently it had fallen off when I was there. You would think I would have noticed right away, but I did not with the excitement of getting my dogs settled into the car. Unfortunately for me, I went back several times and never found it. I had to get a refurbished one that has never been the same. I can only hope that yours was paired with the app, and that you can locate it.