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Hello @norman615

As someone who has Parkinson's, I so appreciated your post. You and your wife have achieved a remarkable attitude! I am glad that you can look back on your travels and let those memories carry you through this time.

If I may ask, what type of treatment has been used to help your wife over the past years. Has it been traditional Parkinson's meds and physical therapy?

Congratulations on your upcoming 50th anniversary. You both sound like very special people!

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Hello Lisa,

Thanks for your note and to answer your question on treatment.The onset of her problems since 1992 have been very very gradual and other than watchful monitoring Ann has not had any medication or particular treatments.We now see her neurologist annually and if deemed necessary scans will be undertaken.These currently show there has been marginal growth with the tumour. This is probably due to calcification as a result of the original radio therapy.We have also from time to time seen the neuro psychologists as part of her monitoring regime in terms of her cognition and general wellbeing.

I hope your not having too many problems with you condition and for our part we have been lucky with coping with a relatively low grade brain tumour rare in adults but sited in a part of the brain that effects motor and cognition.I'm pleased that you appreciate my posts,they are done just to share our experiences and hopefully be of encouragement.

With every good wish.N.