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Helllo Lisa,Thanks for your comments and in response to how Ann presents at the moment and particularly Parkinson's.Ann has severe motor problems with a pronounced right sided weakness.Walking without support is very limited and without support she would fall.Her cognitive fuctions are also impaired and she also suffers from aphasia which is sad as she was very articulate in earlier times and this causes her much frustration.The brain tumour is located in the basal ganglia and inoperable due to the risks with removal and she subsequently had 16 sessions of radio therapy "to knock the stuffing out of the tumour".She does not have any pronounced tremour but has problems with grip to her right hand so things like brushing her teeth and eating are problematic.
Her doctors essentially describe her features as Parnkinsonism,there is also some brain atrophy,she needs full assistance in the Bathroom with her personal care.
The above is generally how she presents.We will have been married 50years this coming Christmas and have enjoyed extensive travelling in the past but this is now impossible which is very sad.In all this however we count our blessings as parents and grandparents.

I trust the above is of interest.

Best wishes.

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Hello @norman615

As someone who has Parkinson's, I so appreciated your post. You and your wife have achieved a remarkable attitude! I am glad that you can look back on your travels and let those memories carry you through this time.

If I may ask, what type of treatment has been used to help your wife over the past years. Has it been traditional Parkinson's meds and physical therapy?

Congratulations on your upcoming 50th anniversary. You both sound like very special people!

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